Born in Perth, Alasdair spent his early childhood under the vast skies of Central West NSW, his teenage years in tropical Darwin. He learned his first guitar chords from an English teacher/union delegate/folky who also indulged adolescent attempts at poetry. This introduction to folk forged in him a strong political bent, evident in his songs to date.

He spent his youth exploring the record library of community radio station 8TOP FM, and playing double bass in the Darwin Symphony Orchestra. He later moved to the city to follow dreams of becoming a rock star.

The space and heat from these formative years are reflected in his songs, married with entangled love lost, friendship, road-tripping and childhood dreams, as yet unrealised. His stories are reminiscent of great American writers such as Cormac McCarthy and Raymond Carver, his sound and poetic content likened to Australian singer songwriters Paul Kelly, Neil Murray and Grant McLennan.

His eponymous solo album was released in 2013. Recorded live in a solar powered caravan in the middle of a South Coast dairy farm, the album is equally intimate and sequestered, a diverse canvas of stories, all backed by Alasdair’s intricate guitar playing.

The debut album from his teenage punk band Dorkstain, was finally recorded and released in Darwin, last year.

Alasdair now lives with his young daughter, near Wollongong, on the NSW South Coast. He’s a self-described word nerd, gardener, morning person, whistler, and ambivert.